Who is behind the project FOOD PORN SESSIONS?

Who am I? Good question! Before anything else, I am passionate about the slow food movement. As the son of a restaurant owner, I grew up in and around a kitchen. As a child I would make myself very small in a corner and watched the cooks’ ballet orchestrated by my mother in the family kitchen. Each day was a new challenge with its boosts of stress, laughter, joy and sometimes even tears…

My parents understood thatthey had partly sacrificed the childhood of their offspring for the sake of the restaurant. This led to me being attracted to a career in a different area, preferably in an office, with fixed hours and paid leave (“Eng secher “as they say in Luxembourgish). Which I did try to do during the first twenty years of my professional career where I spent most of the time in the financial sector and real estate.

But one day everything changed! Dangerously approaching forty, I asked the question that everyone asks at this age. Have I made the right choice? Could I see myself doing this job for the next twenty years (and probably more!)? Are the money, the social status and the success, factors that really make me happy?

The answer was emphatic! NO, and a radical change was needed!

When and why did I launch “Food Porn Sessions”?

The project was called to life early 2014, I had given myself a year to make this 180 degrees career change and find my way. I’ve always loved cooking for others and I often spent days behind my stove concocting dishes I hastened to share with my family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Being strongly influenced by my experience in the restaurant of my parents, it was essential that I do my own cooking. I quickly realized that I never be at equal with my nonna’s kitchen, but my travels around the world had opened the way to other flavours, fragrances and culinary dimensions.

So I started cooking in small bistro of the capital, to test the maturity of the market and identify the needs of the current consumers. The idea was to offer a large amount of dishes to observe the reactions and market trends.

For my personal development, it was important to cook with fresh, local, seasonal and preferably organic products. As a convinced vegetarian I hastened to transform and create from scratch a vegetarian and vegan cuisine with flavours, colours and scents as exciting to the eye as to the pallet. FOOD PORN SESSIONS was born.

During that year I was lucky to have been invited to cook at large festivals, birthdays, exhibitions, golf tournaments, public and private events and the launch of a pop-up restaurant. Slowly but surely, FOOD PORN SESSIONS found his place in a market where there’s a high demand on the quality and the origins of the the products.

Still got questions? Contact me + 352 661 50 90 50 or by email: fab@foodporn.lu

Fabrizio Annicchiarico