Food Porn

Arouse your desire to eat!

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Do not ENTER this WEBSITE if you're already HUNGRY!

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Food Porn Session Classes

Cook for someone and you will feed him for a day, teach him how to cook he will feed himself for the rest of his lifetime


Public Food Porn Sessions

Your one stop solution for your public event catering. In 2014 Food Porn Sessions provided Food that arouses the desire eat to more than 5000 guests on several medium and big public events (From 400 up to 4000 persons daily)

Contact to have a non formal appoint. We’ll discuss your requirements and together we’ll define a tailor made solution that will arouse your desire to eat.


Privat Food Porn Sessions

Food Porn Sessions is also specialized in providing tailor made solution for your private events, birthdays, house warming parties, Golf tournament, art opening and more


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About Food Porn

Arouse your desire to eat

Pronunciation: füd pȯrn

Etymology: food from the latin pascere “to feed”, porn from the greek pernanai “to sell”, poros “a journey”

Definition: the depiction of food in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction/hunger.